Studio Services

Creative Development

MOBKOI Design Studio is composed of experienced Mobile UX designers.

Our in-house studio think, innovate and produce mobile’s finest rich media, video and display advertising experiences, available in all shapes and sizes. As a result our formats always drive above benchmark performance for advertisers on all key metrics.

Technical Support

MOBKOI consults on what is the best mobile route for your campaign KPIs.

We recommend specific formats, sizes & executions to better engage with your mobile audience. We also implement Celtra’s latest formats and technologies to enrich your format gallery (i.e. interscroller, interstitial, mini-scroller, 360º video, gyro).

Adserving & Reporting

We suggest an optimisation route to make your campaign work harder.

We send template reports of all key brand metrics available through Celtra’s analytics dashboard. From CTR to engagement rate, viewability, video completion and consumption, you will access a gold mine of data and analytics for your client.




MOBKOI Creative Studio developed interactive in-format functionalities for the Octopus campaign, including five-second animations to grab the user’s attention, a wipe-away screen to reveal a video and a clear call-to-action to prompt click-throughs to the GE website. The innovative features were served within an interscroller format, delivered natively within publisher’s content.



MOBKOI Creative Studio developed a 15" Vertical Video unit including clear call-to-action and logo throughout the user journey. The main video leads on to an interactive hub where users can engage and explore specific car features in the form of 3 video teasers. The Porsche video experience was served within an interstitial format, delivered natively within publisher’s content.