Hyper-Engaging Holiday Ads for Retailers

The Artistry of Selling Joy:

Hyper-Engaging Holiday Ad Types for Retailers

The most wonderful time of the year is also one of the busiest for advertisers and creatives. 

It’s nearly impossible to miss the slew of flashy holiday ads across every medium. From jazzy radio jingles and mailers decked out in red and green to highly anticipated commercials that only come out this time of year. And, of course, we can’t forget to mention the endless opportunities for creative digital ads during the holiday shopping season.

Holiday ads are a chance to truly showcase your creativity, not to mention capitalize on increased consumer spending. However, crafting the perfect holiday shopping ads on mobile and desktop is truly an art form.

You don’t want your holiday ad campaigns to blend into the background. You need hyper-engaging ads that stand out, resonate with consumers, and are aligned with your brand.

Now is the time to start planning your holiday ads, and we’re here to help with the top creative ideas for holiday mobile campaigns that will cut through the clutter and drive attention!

‘Twas the Strategy Before Christmas

It’s no secret that holiday marketing campaigns can be incredibly lucrative for businesses large and small. After all, eMarketer found that holiday sales grew by 4.8% last year, and the experts expect a similar gain of 4.5% for the 2023 holiday season.

To put that in perspective, that is over $1.3 trillion in consumer spending that occurs over only a few months time.

Over the past decade, eCommerce has also carved out its space in sales. Online shopping is a convenient way for holiday shoppers to compare deals, find gifts, and get them sent directly to their homes without having to fight through hectic crowds. So it comes as no surprise that eCommerce is predicted to account for almost 20% of sales this holiday season, according to the same eMarketer report. 

Of that 20%, a large portion will likely come exclusively from mobile devices. Last year, TechCrunch reported that a record 48% of all e-commerce sales on Black Friday were made on smartphones. That was already up 4% from 2021, and the role of mobile devices in eCommerce will likely grow again this year (and maybe even make up the majority of online holiday sales).

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Creative holiday ads are extremely important to advertisers. It’s a way to showcase creativity and stand out from the competition, all while engaging with customers in a new way. Especially when it comes to meeting consumers where they’re shopping online.

Increasing Ad Spend During the Holiday Season

Does it seem like there are more ads during the holiday season? Though it may seem like you can’t escape the holiday spirit on every medium, the number of ads you’re seeing may not be increasing. 

While many companies ramp up their holiday campaigns and you may start seeing more social media posts and mailers, there is not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to increasing ad units. The number of commercials, billboards, and, yes, digital ads, remain the same. After all, there’s no way to make more space or time for these types of ads in a way that wouldn’t frustrate consumers. 

This makes competition fierce. Advertisers are still fighting for the same amount of ad space, but the stakes are higher. And not to mention that ad units cost more during the holiday season due to this demand.

However, it’s still recommended to increase ad spend during the holiday season. It is estimated that metrics increase across the board this time of year. Specifically, click-through rates rise by 100%, direct traffic increases by 150%, the average order value grows by 30%, and conversion rates go up by 60%.


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Increasing ad spend this time of year can result in great, measurable returns for advertisers. After all, standing out from the competition with brilliant creative is a challenge year-round. During the holidays, making a big impact on a small screen is even more of a feat. Pairing premium ad units with hyper-engaging creative is key to winning attention on mobile.

Unwrapping the Components of a Successful Holiday Ad

Every advertiser wants their ad to be the one that’s remembered and talked about this holiday season. Even though these ads are often geared toward holiday gifts and sales, it doesn’t mean other industries can’t get in on the Christmas cheer. 

Just think of the iconic ads for Coca-Cola or M&M that come out each season. Even auto and fashion brands get in on the holiday cheer with their Christmas campaigns. While these brands may not be selling toys, they are selling joy (and often advertising sales) during the holidays. It’s the perfect chance to secure more customer loyalty and stay top of mind with consumers. 

These big brands have mastered holiday-themed ads, and so can yours when you understand the not-so-secret formula (hint: it’s not just about showcasing sales in all your ads).

While holiday ads may feel like the perfect opportunity to show off flashy Black Friday deals and holiday sales, it’s simply not what consumers want to see. According to Ad Age, just 31% of U.S. adults want to see marketing about economic themes like price and value, and just 28% want to see messaging about sales and promotional events. 

Instead, most consumers want to see “seasonally appropriate ads.” The survey found that 49% of shoppers want festive ads, 43% want funny, 36% want heartfelt, and 34% want nostalgia. Creating a digital ad that plays on a few of these themes can give your creative a leg up.

As you can see, it’s better to showcase Santa Claus in your ads rather than sales. While pricing is important, it shouldn’t be at the forefront of your creative marketing strategy. Instead, it’s about combining cutting-edge creative with holiday cheer.

The Festive Formula in Action: Engaging Holiday Ad Examples

Every year, only a few holiday ads are the ones that really stand out. While you can ensure your digital ads are festive and funny, you can also make them more engaging with the right formats.

Here’s some holiday inspiration to help you kickstart your seasonal campaigns. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

Shoppable Ads

Units designed to provide a shoppable experience are ideal for generating eCommerce sales. The convenience of these ads is unbeatable, allowing shoppers to add items to their cart directly from an ad.

These holiday shopping ads are great for showcasing products and adding festive or fun elements. Plus, they provide advertisers with plenty of insight into performance without forcing the user to jump through hoops.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is another way to take your holiday market ad to the next level. AR has been a trend in digital marketing for the last few years, and it’s certainly not slowing down. 

This immersive mixed-reality experience allows consumers to view a product in their own space. They can gain a 360 view of a toy or how a new ornament would look on their Christmas tree. It’s perfect for the more indecisive shopper or someone who wants a more personalized online shopping experience to ensure a product matches their aesthetic.



For many consumers, the build-up to the holiday season is just as fun as the day itself. Seeing those first seasonal items hit the shelves at their favorite retailers and supermarket chains can heighten the anticipation for more holiday fun to come.

Digital advertisers can also get in on building excitement with countdown ads. A live countdown timer can help create buzz before the start of the big holiday sale or a special holiday product drops.



Even loyal customers can face decision paralysis, especially during the holidays. This creative type makes for a great holiday ad by allowing consumers to explore products by swiping left and right, with the final choice displayed on the end card to help with the decision-making process. 

Of course, these are just a handful of examples of hyper-engaging holiday ad ideas. Depending on your brand and your goals, bespoke display ads, gamified ads, or virtual reality may work best for your holiday ad campaigns.


Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush

It’s never too early to begin planning for your holiday ad campaigns. 

Experts agree that by the end of summer, and at least by September, advertisers should be thinking about their campaigns and making plans to turn their creative holiday ads into reality. 

Recently, eMarketer reported that half of consumers (50%) expect to start their holiday shopping before the calendar turns to November. The time to begin ramping up holiday ad campaigns to capitalize on consumer spending is now. After all, other major shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here sooner than you think. 

At MOBKOI, we’re happy to help brands and advertisers spread holiday cheer with engaging, creative holiday ads. Along with cutting-edge creative, you always have deep insight into where your holiday ads are running and campaign performance. 

Download our Black Friday and Holiday one-pager for more ideas on how we can bring your holiday ads to life.