Cutting-Edge Immersive Advertising

Grab consumer attention in seconds.

It’s no secret that consumers have become pros at glazing over ads. Make sure your campaign captures their attention with breathtaking creative delivered in high-impact formats. Interactive, cutting-edge features can make your campaign one consumers talk about.

MOBKOI Immersive Advertising


Immersive advertising is one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s notoriously short attention span. When you only have seconds to connect, you need to make your creative count.

This is how our Creative Studio works to deliver innovative mobile ads that drive results far beyond impressions and clicks.

High-Impact Advertising Formats

Say goodbye to basic ads.

Showcase your brand and engage consumers in a meaningful way with highly engaging ads that demand attention.

Interscroller Ads

We are the #1 distributor of the Interscroller – a premium format that reveals ad content as the reader scrolls and snaps to take over the entire screen.

  • Unmissable 100% full-screen ads
  • Full-screen canvas for creative innovation
  • Easily opt out by scrolling for a polite experience
  • Interactive and bespoke elements
Mobile example of immersive advertising
Mobile example of immersive advertising

There’s many more where these came from. Reach out and we’ll find the best creative solutions for your unique campaign needs.


Bring your mobile ads to life with tech-enabled creative features.

From interactive video to sophisticated AR and VR experiences, we know how to apply cutting-edge features that will make your campaign memorable. 

Let mobile users see how your product would fit in their space or on their own body. AR advertising combines the real-world with virtual elements. AR ads are ideal for retailers and CPG brands to allow consumers to see how a product could look in real life.

Create a completely virtual experience for your audiences. VR advertising utilizes more virtual elements to allow consumers to interact with your brand virtually. VR ads are perfect for retail, automotive brands and others seeking to give audiences a taste of the experience your products and services provide.

Replace stagnant ads with interactive experiences that encourage and reward participation. These immersive ads can be fun, branded games that can lead to direct conversations, especially when rewards like coupons are given for participation.

NFTs can be a new and interesting way to engage and transact with consumers. For brands looking to offer these types of digital assets, the key is displaying them to the right audience in the right format.

MOBKOI understands NFT advertising and can help  transform your NFT promotion into engaging and interactive, full-screen mobile ad experiences.

There’s many more where these came from. Reach out and we’ll find the best creative solutions for your unique campaign needs.

Maximize Your Creative Endeavors

Don’t send your creatives out into the abyss. Our suite of creative solutions help ensure your ads are working smarter, not harder.

Understanding how consumers are engaging with your creatives is the key to a successful campaign. Our team uses metrics such as:

Dwell Time

Deep Attention Metrics

Engagement Rate


any many more...

Place Your Creative in Premium Environments

Make sure your high-quality immersive ads are seen by the right audiences.

We’ve built the infrastructure to ensure our clients’ mobile ads capture the attention of consumers in the places that matter most.

Engage Users Beyond clicks

Our team knows how to engage consumers with mobile creatives far beyond impressions and clicks.

Master mobile advertising with fully transparent and granular performance reporting offered to all our clients. Add on in-depth Attention measurement and you’ll have deep, actionable insight into how your campaigns are performing.

Uplevel Your Mobile Creative Now

MOBKOI’s creative solutions are quick and easy to activate. Contact us to learn how our creative studio can become an extension of your team and next campaign.