Everything You Need To Know About Interscroller Ads

Cleaning Up the Mobile Ad Ecosystem With Interscroller Ads

If there was one word to describe the current state of the ad ecosystem, it would be polluted. 

Obtrusive ads sully digital-safe havens and contaminate good content. Consumers are constantly wading through unwanted ads, while publishers and advertisers are at risk of having their brand reputation tarnished with irrelevant or inappropriate ad placements. Not quite an environmental catastrophe, but the trash is definitely starting to pile up.

Could interscroller ads be the key to cleaning up the mobile ad environment for good? 

Don’t wait to find out. Let’s explore the ins and outs of full-screen mobile ads and how they can benefit your brand.

The Lowdown on Interscroller Ads

With so many types of ad formats out there, it’s no wonder the advertising environment is polluted. Sticky banner ads and annoying pop-ups meant to grab consumer attention end up distracting from the content of a web page and turn consumers away. 

Now is the time for brands to take out the trash and invest in high-impact creative formats that deliver results.

Interscroller ads are just that. These highly visible, highly-engaging digital ads are ideal for grabbing consumer attention without disrupting their experience or the content. They work by revealing content as a reader scrolls down a visited page. When the user scrolls to reveal 85% of the placement, it can snap to take over the entire screen.


Scroll over the phone to reveal an Interscroller Ad

The interscroller ad format is one of the only truly polite full-screen ads out there. It never covers content and users can easily opt out of the screen simply by scrolling to dismiss the ad. No tricks or trash here.

Plus mobile device


Swipe over the phone to reveal an Interscroller Ad

Interscroller vs Interstitial Ads

What makes interscroller ads different from other ad formats that fill the screen like interstitial ads

Not all high share of screen ads are created equal. Here are some of the main differences between interscroller and interstitial full-screen mobile ads:



User Experience

Interscroller ads prioritize a polite user experience. They integrate with content seamlessly and aren’t intrusive. Interstitial ads, on the other hand, operate similarly to your traditional (and rather annoying) pop-up ads.

The experts at Google explain that interstitial ads are designed to be placed between natural transition points in content, like between paragraphs. However, that’s not always the case and they are often more intrusive and require readers to manually close the ad or wait until it’s over.


The interscroller format is inherently more viewable than other large size ad units. That’s because it’s directly integrated into the page content and creates a pleasant ad experience. Interstitial ads are also very viewable but can have a slower loading time and higher bounce rates when readers become annoyed by the disruption.


Interstitial ads really aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. To put it simply, they’re disruptive while interscroller ads are less intrusive. On mobile devices where screen space is limited, large interstitial ads can be a real pain.

This is even an issue that Google tried to mitigate back in 2017 by penalizing pages where the content was less accessible due to intrusive full-screen pop-up ads. Publishers and advertisers alike should prioritize quality full-screen ad experiences over annoying ones.

How Interscroller Ads Clean Up the Ad Ecosystem

Cleaning up the digital advertising environment is no small undertaking. That’s why interscroller ads are more than just nice to interact with, they actually have the metrics to back up their success.

Let’s take a closer look at how the interscroller ad formats benefits brands and, by extension, the world of mobile advertising.

Capture Consumer Attention

In the polluted ad landscape, capturing consumer attention is more difficult than ever before. Too many brands focus on viewability metrics such as impressions and reach, but fail to understand if their ads are truly resonating with their audience.

So, let’s be clear: Just because an ad is viewable it doesn’t mean it will actively be viewed by consumers!

Attention is the new metric advertisers should be prioritizing to not only create a future-proof brand, but to also help the ad ecosystem as a whole. Size just so happens to be one of the key drivers of attention, meaning interscroller ads are some of the best at capturing consumer attention. 

Full-screen ads are virtually unmissable, and interscroller ads specs can perfectly fit the size of a mobile screen. When paired with engaging creative, like video, brands can stand out from the rubbish.

Man engaging with Interscroller Ad

Increase Eye-On View Time

The numbers on interscroller ads don’t lie. In a small-scale study with Lumen Research, MOBKOI analyzed how full-screen ads helped with attention advertising for a Luxury Retailer and a Multinational Energy Company. It showed that interscroller ad formats had an eyes-on view time that was 2.4 - 3x more than the norm for a standard mobile display ad.

Similarly, both brands experienced a drastic increase in both spontaneous and prompted brand recall thanks to these full-screen ads. 

In the world of digital advertising, seconds matter when it comes to connecting with consumers. Unmissable, creative interscroller ads make every second count to capture their attention.

Boost Engagement Rates

As we said, interscroller ads don’t just look great, but they also outperform other types of display ads time and time again. According to the most recent Celtra Creative Insights Report, interscroller engagement rates were 4x higher than Universal Banners. They had the best engagement rates compared to other types of ads by far.

Eliminate Media Waste

Of course, investing in better ad formats is just one part of the equation to clean up the digital ad landscape. Getting rid of waste is equally, if not more, important. Adopting a zero-waste media policy is one of the best ways to stop contributing to the pollution that plagues the current ad ecosystem.

It’s important to curate digital ad experiences with a focus on premium sites and unmissable, high-quality inventory. Full-screen ads are designed to be seen and provide a larger canvas for beautiful and interactive creative to be viewed and engaged with. 

It’s time for brands to stop investing in junk and instead optimize their spending with fewer, higher quality ad formats (like interscrollers) that deliver results. 

The Challenges of Implementing Interscroller Ads

There is an important caveat to the ability of interscroller ads to better the digital advertising experience. They must be used correctly

Like with any ad format, full-screen ads need to be wielded smartly for the best outcome. This starts with ensuring your interscroller ads are engaging and utilizing cutting-edge creative and extends to placing them in premium environments.

But this is easier said than done. While the interscroller format is the perfect canvas to show off the best of digital ad creatives, inventory is sparse. These types of full-screen ads are a relatively new addition to the digital ad landscape, meaning inventory is highly sought after but also limited. Needless to say, it can be difficult for brands to scale interscroller ad campaigns.

There are unlimited creative opportunities with interscroller ads, but brands are often limited by inventory. The following are key do’s and dont's to consider when leveraging interscrollers as part of your mobile media plan.

A Complementary Ad Campaign

The sparse inventory for interscroller ads means it would be incredibly difficult to run a large-scale campaign of solely full-screen ads. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Interscroller ads are perfectly complemented by a variety of other ad formats. More traditional display ad formats are an essential part of your creative mix to make your campaign a success. You can save your fun, and flashy creative assets for an unmissable interscroller and utilize other formats, such as a the unibanner or super hero, to solidify your brand identity and message.

Full-screen ads are perfect for showcasing your creativity and trying trends like augmented reality, virtual reality, and gamification. This way you’ll not only have an ad that’s unmissable but also one that consumers want to engage with.

Premium Publisher Network

You don’t want your stunning interscroller ads next to rubbish. Placing your ads in premium environments ensures your message is being delivered to the right audience while protecting your brand image. 

If your interscroller ad ends up on a site with offensive content, it can leave a negative impression and cancel out your beautiful creative. Not only do you need to create visually appealing ads, but they also need to be placed in the right environment for the right audience to have the most impact.

MOBKOI’s Commitment to a Clean Advertising Environment

Cleaning up the ad ecosystem is a team effort. At MOBKOI, we know what it takes to turn a brand’s creative assets into an engaging interscroller ad experience and place them in premium publisher environments. 

We do the hard work for you to secure the right inventory and come up with the best blended media plan based on your campaign goals, target audience, and budget. Learn more about what MOBKOI has to offer today!

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